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CP40 Full Auto Shut Off Air Composite Screwdriver (Push Start)


FREE SPEED: 1,000rpm
TORQUE RANGE: 5.0~30.0kgf-cm


  • Accuracy: SUMAKE provide patent clutch with 3% deviation of torque, assure the best quality.
  • Economic: Wide-ranging torque with many patent and longer life cycle of motor.
  • Delicacy: Combination of art, ergonomics and mechanical design.
  • Technology: Special mechanical structure and patent motor give you low noise, low vibration and high accuracy.
  • Honorary: Award "Excellent Tool" at Japan 2002 Osaka exhibition.
  • Easy Operation: Special design of level for easy operation.
  • Comfort: Uniquely sharped soft resin for ergonomic grip "Top Wave" ergonomic design, best balance and easy to grip. The grip made thermophastic elastomer, the best material so far, with good touch and anti-glossy feature.
  • Torque fix system: To avoid the adjustment by operator and easy to mark the torque through the window. This up to date design let you either adjust the torque rapidly or without using the torque lock nut.
  • Speediness: Operator can change the bit rapidly by push the bit head.
  • Color torque system: SUMAKE color torque system gives you an easily visinle torque marking system at a glance for all the CP series tools. Choice the color for each torque level used on your assembly line. 


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