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EKA 102 XY

EKA 102 XY has a very strong and sturdy polycotton Y weight cloth backing which is oil and water resistant.

The product is suitable for a wide range of materials and is especially efficient in metal grinding applications where the self-sharpening property of the zirconia alumina grit is fully utilised. The active bonding with grinding aid additive reduces heat discolouration when grinding stainless steel.

Other applications include hardwood calibrating sanding.
Backing: heavy Y weight polycotton cloth
Bonding: resin over resin, active bond
Grit: zirconium alumina / aluminium oxide
Coating: closed
Grit range: P24-P150
Removal rate: very high
Lifetime: long
Stability: very high
Finish: rough
Other: waterproof
For low pressure and light grinding applications.
Good for grinding non-ferrous metals, especially aluminium.
High performance in hardwood calibrating sanding.
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