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EKA BLUE is suited for a general purpose, sanding a variety of materials cost effectively.

The aluminium oxide grit coating has excellent cutting properties, which together with the pliable paper backing achieve flexibility and an efficient sanding operation.

The semi-open grit coating reduces loading of the product when sanding clogging materials. Grits P150-P600 are additionally treated with a stearate coating which further minimize dust load and contributes to an improved surface finish.

Also available as discs with Velcro and with self adhesive.
Backing: P60-P80: D wt paper; P100-P150: C wt paper; P180-P600: B wt paper
Bonding: resin over resin
Grit: aluminium oxide
Coating: semi-open
Grit range: P60-P600
Special coating: stearate on P150 - P600
Removal rate: medium
Lifetime: long
Stability: medium - low, graduated according to grit range and application
Clogging: low
Finish: good
Multipurpose sanding material for various kinds of materials.

Special use for hand sanding with sheets and rolls.

Suitable for profile sanding.
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