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EKA 700 XY

EKA 700 XY is a multipurpose metal grinding cloth with good price-performance ratio.
The product is suitable for wide and narrow belt grinding of steel and non-ferrous metals.
Backing: P24-P80: Y weight polyester cloth; P100-P180: X weight cotton cloth; P220-P320: flexible X weight cotton cloth
Bonding: resin over resin, active bond
Grit: aluminium oxide
Coating: closed
Grit range: P24-P320
Removal rate: high
Lifetime: very long
Stability: very high - high. Graduated according to grit range
Finish: medium - good
For high, medium and light pressure metal grinding works.
High cutting performance with a long product lifetime.
Suitable applications include sanding stainless steel sheets and coils.
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